Shining Star – Song #21

                 – Shining Star – Song #21 –


Do you have a song that when it unexpectedly comes on the radio you just crank it? If I’m the only one in the car, then that’s for sure what I do. No real reason this one has stood out to me like many other songs have. It hasn’t caused any deep-down thinking, getting me to ponder on anything much like most other favorite songs do. I guess it’s just the beat that glued it’s place in my heart way-back-when. This song, along with quite a few of their other songs, don’t let you hands be still for very long on that steering wheel, or your feet not to dance on your kitchen floor.

I guess I could say the wording can fit a bit into all of us. After all, we should try to be a shining star no matter who we are, right?



We aught to shine as bright to see what we can truly be, making it our goal to do our best as we carry on.




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What Faith Can Do – Song #20

          – What Faith Can Do – Song #20 –


Faith : noun 

1 – Confidence or trust in a person or thing.
2 – Belief that is not based on proof.
3 – Belief in God or in the doctrines of teachings of religion.
4 – What Marianne has learned is a necessity in life.

Time to make your own definition of Faith. How would you define it?

Let me explain how I made that 4th definition. My sky seemed to be falling a few times in past years. The one that especially stood out was when I was only nineteen, going through an unplanned pregnancy. (#1*) Whenever I hear this song, I think of the little faith I had when that whole soap opera started, but then how it grew as God kept showing me He was right there, showing me He cared, doing what was best for me.  This song helps describe what I learned.


Sure, I felt my heart aching, starving for faith, with the amount of worrying far more than I could take. But I didn’t give up. Even though that little speck of faith was hiding, it was still there.  Slowly, God was showing more of His presence thus causing my faith to slowly grow.



Even though I felt the cloud was falling, and falling hard, God let me know there was still that sun behind it.



Week by week, month by month, little things were showing God, my heavenly Father, was holding me. I began to see silent prayers get answered. He revealed blessings I wasn’t expecting. A few I have shared in past posts. (Here’s one of them.)   I’m not saying I was smiling ear to ear 24/7, but it sure was getting close.

So if you feel your sky is falling, thinking that it’s all more than you can take, have faith. Cling instead to the one that can help fill you with unexpected peace. If you feel like you can’t over come the odds, faith will tell you that you can because, as the song says, that’s what faith can do.

1* – Click to read how I felt after finding out I was pregnant.

Here’s a bit more about my book If you have any interest in my cover

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Jump Shout Boogie – Song #19

          – Jump Shout Boogie – Song #19 –


I know what you’re asking. Why in the world am I choosing this old song – Jump Shout Boogie – from Barry Manilow?  Let me first ask you a question. Did any of you ever get together with a few friends when you were in your early teens, creating a dance to go with a certain song ? A few girlfriends and I sure did, and with Barry Manilow being extremely  popular in the 80’s, creating a dance to one of his popular songs was a must.



My friends and I were serious about this dance, and even performed it in front of family. I can picture us four walking into the house, nervous, ready to give it our all. Whenever this song comes on I can’t help but grin, instantly picturing us dancing more than thirty-five years ago.

It’s a must this song is on my iPod as I run. “She must love that song she’s hearing being she’s mouthing the words,” people driving by probably think. “But how come her arms are moving kinda weird?” If I gave into temptation, they would also be thinking, “Why in the world is she punching the side of her head. Looks like she’s pretending to knock herself out.” Okay, maybe I do tilt my head just a hair when those words pop up, but that’s all, I promise.

Do you recall dancing with certain friends to certain songs? Oh, come on, I bet you do. Let’s have fun and share what songs they were.

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The Comeback – Song #18

            – The Comeback – Song #18 –


If you ever feel like giving up, or wish you didn’t have to work so hard at accomplishing something, then listen to this song. It falls on my list of most encouraging songs. I’ve stated many times how God has used songs to encourage me. This one easily fits in that category.

Early this year I was asked to be the opening speaker at a conference for those dealing in the past with the same brain illness, Encephalitis, that I had endured years ago. Nervous I was because, aside from it being my first speech I’ve ever done, I wasn’t fully at peace with the way I had it planned to end.  Ideally, I wanted it to end with encouraging words. Constant thinking as I was driving to the conference, this song came on.

Oh good, one of my favorites.  – Wait. These words!  THESE WORDS ARE PERFECT ! 

As you hear this song, try to picture what my face must have looked like realizing ‘THIS IS IT!’



Carefully I pulled over, got paper and pen out, and grabbed my phone to find the lyrics of that song on the internet. (How did we survive without cell phones?) Being immensely relieved, I now had an ending I was at peace with!  Not only that, but my nervousness decided to stay on my chair when it was time to walk up to speak for fifteen or so minutes in front of  50 or so people.

This song was the tool God used to not just give me peace on what to end that speech with, but to open the thoughts of speaking to groups, with hopes of encouraging others dealing with the same trials I’ve endured. After all, there is no mountain I can’t face, or any giant I can’t take, as long as I know I can’t do it on my own. I need Christ right next to me, pulling me along.

How about you? Is there a mountain you feel you can’t face?  Be like me. Listen to this song mid afternoon when you start having that ‘I can’t do it’ thought floating. I still do. Know that, as the song says, you’ve come this far so keep it going. You never know, You might be just one step away.

(I must throw in – I’m going to this mans concert in a few day. You have to when your favorite singer, who sings many of your favorite songs, is in town.)

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Even If – Song #17

                      – Even If – Song #17 –


Do you ever have times you want to give up? Do you ever have times when the question “Why, God?” forms inside your heart, soul, and mind? We’ve all had hours, days, weeks, months, perhaps even years we’d love to shove under the rug. My life holds two times that stand out for me, along with other issues as more years have gone by. (1*) (2*)

This song is about those times, showing us how God feels it’s best for all involved in any trials we go through. This song is a bit different than others I’ve shown being I want you to hear what he says before he begins singing. As you hear his story, replace it with one of yours. Then, as you hear the song, let’s see if a bit more peace can be found inside your heart.



Life, as he said, can suck. What I have to deal with, I too can say can suck. But you know what? If God has decided to have my memory problem continue on for another twenty eight years, that’s okay. He has reasons. Still, songs like this I crave for that needed reminder that my Father still cares.

Even though God decided to have me go through what I have, and you go through what you have, let us both keep our hope in Him more than anyone or anything else. God may decide to make our mountain of trials feel unmovable, but our days can go by with more peace if we keep Him by our side. And if it’s needed, He’ll even hold us.

1* – My first posting of my first trial (unplanned pregnancy) 

2* – My first posting of my second trial (how/when brain illness decided to show up) 

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Granted – Song #16


                     – Granted – Song #16 – 


Do you have a dream, a hope, or a wish you desire to see on that road ahead? Have things happened in the past that have kept you from that dream, hope, or wish. Well . . . Don’t let it.

It’s a bit harder for me to accomplish many things being my illness from years past is still there to blame today. If you only knew how it has held me back from things I still wish I could do. The words in this song have reminded me to keep chasing after my dreams, hopes and wishes. May it help do the same for you.



I’ve had a dream for years, and that dream came true which encourages me to go after my next dream.

Every word should be molded on everyones heart. There are a few words, however, I would include.



The story’s yours, go write it . . . with God as your pen.



So what’s your dream? You share yours and I’ll share mine.

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Dear Younger Me – Song #15

              – Dear Younger Me – Song #15 –


Are you ready to admit you fit into the older age category, having learned much from the many ups and downs in life that came your way. Or maybe you are not as old but, because of certain trials, you feel older than the number shows. We all wish we knew earlier in life things we know now.

Today’s song, as you will understand, is one I felt would be good to share. After all, I wish I could write a letter to the younger me.


I see now what I didn’t know then being I kept a journal since I was twelve years old. Those first ten years of my writing show me just how helpful it would have been to have actually gotten a letter from the 2018 Marianne Petersen in my early teen years. So much so that I did write me a letter a few years back, sharing it on my website. It was one of the most interesting letters I wrote to anyone.  click here to check it out. 

Is there anything you know now that you would have begged to have known way back then? What would it be? Would you dare try to write yourself a letter? It gets you thinking how little you actually knew when you were young, compared to how much you know now. You’ll find yourself wishing you really could have, way back then, gotten a letter from yourself.

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