– Running Just To Catch My Breath – Song #6


I’m sure most of you, at some time in you life, have purchased a CD, or a good ol’ tape, or better yet a prehistoric record. You purchased it just for a few of the songs, perhaps never having heard a few or most of the others. Then, as you listen to one of those you’ve never heard, a grin begins to form. That happened to me one day.

“I like this song,” I thought, but for a totally different reason. “This one’s hilarious!”

That’s why it’s been on my list of favorites. After having had the song for years, I finally heard it on my routine run, making me laugh even more. Listen and hear if you can guess why. Pay attention to what it says at 53 seconds, at 1:57, and again at 4:22. Knowing I sometimes go running to escape life for a spell will help explain why.


I do work in an office, but that office is in my home. Like the song says, life in my office is neat, (Okay, almost.) I do have a few pictures of my friends, some sharpened pencils, and often have to look for a pen. I do have my – thankful just skyping – weekly meeting, but am ever-so happy my hair is not receding. I do take lunch breaks on those days full of work, and do spin a bit in my chair, pondering if I should just play Spider Solitaire. (Sorry, but plane Solitaire is too boring to me.) When deadlines are getting closer, making me stay in my office most of the day, I stare at my clock, more often than not, seeing if it’s getting closer to 5:00.


That’s when I try to say ‘I’m done for the day,’ and leave my office. Automatic deposits are how I get paid, as I never lack appreciation to the fact that I don’t need to jump in my car to get home every day. Yep, no honking to or from any other drivers. As soon as I’m out of my office -Voilá – I’m home.


Working at home has me thank God often for where He’s put me, never regretting working in my own little office. Some days, however, I do feel I need to run just to catch myself, dreaming of escaping it all, wishing I could just sit in some perfect hot-tub, hour after hour instead.

Some days get so busy for most of us, and I bet we all sometimes need to, as the song says, catch our breath. What about you? Are you one who works sitting down in an office? What about being out-and-about with customer service, outdoor construction, stay-at-home mom & home maker, or what about a student?  Is there any part of this song that stands out to you at all? Even if you’re just one who keeps spilling that coffee on your shirt, let me know.

Marianne Petersen’s book God and Your Pillow is now available. (Amazon) – You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @marimemoirs and read more on her blog, marimemoirs.com.





Running Just To Catch My Breath – Song #6

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