– 1 Excuse For My 3 Excuses –


Note : This posting has nothing to do with the two major trials — my unplanned pregnancy or my brain injury called Encephalitis — that I’ve been covering a lot as of late. This writing is about why the heck have I been putting out an incredible amount of postings these last few weeks. (1*) (2*) 

I’m here giving you 3 excuses. (Aren’t YOU curious)

1-  I have done a mini-minor change to my website which I learned, AFTER I changed it,  that all my postings done before would not transfer over. I’m actually glad that happened being it’s causing me to update them or – gulp – choose those few I don’t really need to keep. That has then lead me to re-post a few every day. Yep. That’s right. EVERY DAY ! That’s quite a few more than before. I don’t want those who have been following me for a while to wonder why they can’t see any of my older postings. (If you’ve been wondering that, now you know why) I’m predicting a few more weeks of this. So, if you seem to enjoy the frequency, don’t feel like your going through a withdrawal when you notice I’m back to posting once a week fairly soon. I guess I could just slow down my process of reloading them. Hmmmm – We’ll see.

2 – I’ve wanted to share them, all touched up, with my many new followers I’ve been having as of late. Showing how God has carried me through these two trials I’m eager to do. So if that means sharing, again, what God has done for me, in hopes of encouraging others, then that’s why many of my blogs are showing up again all refreshed.

3 – My 3rd excuse is to inform many of you who have followed the story of my pregnancy, that my book God and My Pillow, Lord Willing, will be able to be grabbed and read by mid March. That’s my goal. So if you, or anyone you know who could use a story going through that same trial, or really any life changing ordeal that could use a boost, then keep in mind my memoir, God and My Pillow. Just pass word around that my memoir is to show others how an unexpected pregnancy taught me to truly trust God.

So why not just follow me if you haven’t already, and share this blog with dear friends or family who you know could sure use some encouragement.




Time now for my 1 excuse for giving these 3 excuses.

I take this as the perfect time to let people know how irked I often get . . .

. . . hearing people give excuses.







1* –  Click to read a bit about my most important pregnancy decision.

2* –  click to read how a brain affecting illness and french fries go hand in hand.

Marianne Petersen is a former volunteer at a local pregnancy help organization and is actively involved in her local pro-life community. Her book God and Your Pillow is out in April. You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @marimemoirs and read more at her blog, marimemoirs.com.



1 Excuse For My 3 Excuses

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